About GlobalSCM Group

About GlobalSCM Group

GlobalSCM is engaged in developing a leading integrated resource platform primarily for supply chain, logistics, purchasing and manufacturing fields. The Company operates in several segments: Supply Chain Consulting, Professional Training, Personalized News and Information Solution, SCO Summit.

Headquartered in Shanghai, GlobalSCM has helped 1000+ companies solve the complicated challenges of developing a coherent business strategy in supply chain management.

What We Provide

SCO Summit
Branding serial summits designed for senior supply chain officers

iChainnel (http://www.ichainnel.com)
World’s first personalized news and resource aggregator in supply chain and related fields

GlobalSCM Training (http://www.globalscm-group.com/training)
Premium & practical trainings in supply chain, logistics, procurement and manufacturing fields

We Changed Our Name

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Corporate Training & Business Conference with Measurable Results